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dc.creatorFaria, Ana Patrícia
dc.creatorAlbuquerque, Gabriela
dc.creatorMoreira, Pedro
dc.creatorRosário, Rafaela
dc.creatorAraújo, Ana
dc.creatorTeixeira, Vitor Hugo
dc.creatorBarros, Renata
dc.creatorLopes, Óscar
dc.creatorMoreira, André
dc.creatorPadrão, Patrícia
dc.description.abstractBackground: Lower energy density diets tend to cost more, but data using different ways to calculate the dietary energy density, is scarce.Objectives: To estimate the dietary energy density, and to assess how it is associated with the diet costin children.Methods: Data were obtained from a community-based survey from public elementary schools in Portugal.Dietary intake of 464 children (6-12 years) was assessed by a 24 h recall in 2007/2008. Dietary energy density (kcal/g) was calculated as following: (1) with food and all beverages (ED1), (2) with food and caloric beverages (ED2), and (3) only with food (ED3). Energy-adjusted diet cost (D /1000 kcal) was calculated based on the collection of food prices from a national leader supermarket. Anthropometric measures were taken and socio-demographic data were obtained from parents. Logistic regression was used to estimate the association between diet cost and energy density.Results: For boys, the energy-adjusted diet cost of the highest third of energy density was lower, between 81% in the ED3 (p for trend <0.001) and 87% in the ED1 (p for trend <0.001), compared to the lowest third. Girls showed similar, but weaker associations.Conclusions: Higher dietary energy density was associated with lower dietary cost among children.
dc.subjectCiências da Saúde, Ciências médicas e da saúde
dc.subjectHealth sciences, Medical and Health sciences
dc.titleAssociation between energy density and diet cost in children
dc.typeArtigo em Revista Científica Nacional
dc.contributor.uportoFaculdade de Ciências da Nutrição e Alimentação
dc.subject.fosCiências médicas e da saúde
dc.subject.fosMedical and Health sciences
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