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Author(s): Diego Blaya
Micele Guimarães
Daniel Pozza
João Weber
Marília Gerhardt de Oliveira
Title: Histologic study of the effect of laser therapy on bone repair
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: AIM: This study used histologic analysis and HE staining to evaluate laser biomodulation of bone repair in cavities made in the femurs of rats that underwent non-ablative laser irradiation. METHODS AND MATERIALS: Eighteen male Wistar rats weighing 300 to 400 grams were randomly assigned to three groups of six animals each. A surgical defect site was produced with a trephine about 2 mm in diameter under abundant irrigation. In Group I the complete surgical protocol to produce a bone defect was followed but without laser radiation (control). In Group II a continuous wave 830 nm infrared laser was used at 10 J/cm2 and 50 mW at each point of the surgical site. In Group III a continuous wave 685 nm infrared laser at 10J/cm2 and 35 mW was used at each point of surgical site. The animals were irradiated at intervals of 48 hours beginning immediately after the preparation of the defect and were sacrificed on the 15th, 21st, and 30th days. Slides were studied by means of descriptive analysis. RESULTS: Greater degrees of new bone formation and vertical regeneration were found in the irradiated groups than in the control group. CONCLUSION: Laser therapy in this study protocol was efficient in promoting bone repair. CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE: The use of laser technology has been used to improve the clinical results of bone surgeries and to promote a more comfortable postoperative period and quicker healing.
Subject: Ciências da Saúde, Outras ciências médicas
Health sciences, Other medical sciences
Scientific areas: Ciências médicas e da saúde::Outras ciências médicas
Medical and Health sciences::Other medical sciences
Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Internacional
Rights: openAccess
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