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Author(s): costa-rodrigues, j
carvalho, af
gouveia, am
fransen, m
sa-miranda, c
azevedo, je
Title: The N terminus of the peroxisomal cycling receptor, Pex5p, is required for redirecting the peroxisome-associated peroxin back to the cytosol
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: Most newly synthesized peroxisomal matrix proteins are transported to the organelle by Pex5p, a remarkable multidomain protein involved in an intricate network of transient protein-protein interactions. Presently, our knowledge regarding the structure/function of amino acid residues 118 to the very last residue of mammalian Pex5p is quite vast. Indeed, the cargo-protein receptor domain as well as the binding sites for several peroxins have all been mapped to this region of Pex5p. In contrast, structural/functional data regarding the first 117 amino acid residues of Pex5p are still scarce. Here we show that a truncated Pex5p lacking the first 110 amino acid residues (DeltaN110-Pex5p) displays exactly the peroxisomal import properties of the full-length peroxin implying that this N-terminal domain is involved neither in cargo-protein binding nor in the docking/translocation step of the Pex5p-cargo protein complex at the peroxisomal membrane. However, the ATP-dependent export step of DeltaN110-Pex5p from the peroxisomal membrane is completely blocked, a phenomenon that was also observed for a Pex5p version lacking just the first 17 amino acid residues but not for a truncated protein comprising amino acid residues 1-324 of Pex5p. By exploring the unique properties of DeltaN110-Pex5p, the effect of temperature on the import/export kinetics of Pex5p was characterized. Our data indicate that the export step of Pex5p from the peroxisomal compartment ( in contrast with its insertion into the organelle membrane) is highly dependent on the temperature.
Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Internacional
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