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Author(s): Coimbra, S
Lopes A.L.
Sobral R.
Costa M.L.
Maria Isabel Amorim
Title: Arabinogalactan proteins and pectin distribution during female gametogenesis in Quercus suber L.
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Methods Immunofluorescence labelling of female flower cells was performed with a set of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) directed to the carbohydrate moiety of AGPs (JIM8 and JIM13) and pectic homogalacturonans (HGs) (mAbs JIM5 and JIM7). Key Results The selective labelling obtained with AGP and pectin mAbs JIM8, JIM13, JIM5 and JIM7 during Q. suber female gametogenesis shows that AGPs and pectic HG can work as markers for mapping gametophytic cell differentiation in this species. Pectic HG showed different distribution patterns, depending on their levels of methyl esterification. Methyl-esterified HGs showed a uniform distribution in the overall female flower cells before fertilization and a more specific pattern after fertilization. A low methyl-ester pectin distribution pattern during the different developmental stages appears to be related to the pathway that pollen tubes follow to reach the embryo sac. AGPs showed a more sparse distribution in early stages of development, but specific labelling is shown in the synergids and their filiform apparatus. Conclusions The labelling obtained with anti-AGP and anti-pectin mAbs in Q. suber female flower cells showed a dynamic distribution of AGPs and pectic HGs, which may render these molecules useful molecular markers during female gametogenesis. Changes occurring during development will be determined in order to help describe cork oak ovule structural properties before and after fertilization, providing new insight to better understand Q. suber female gametogenesis.
Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Internacional
Rights: openAccess
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