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Author(s): Rochdane, Samia
El Mandour, Abdennabi
Daafi, Youssef
Baudron, Pau
Chkara, Ismail
Teixeira, José
Gomes, António Alberto
Title: 3D geological model of the Eastern Haouz region (Morocco): hydrogeological implications.
Issue Date: 2018-08
Abstract: The Eastern Haouz in Morroco is an agricultural region in fulldemographic, economic, and touristic expansion. To meet the increasinglygrowing demand of water, this paper focuses on the geological modelling ofthe basin geometry and on understanding the groundwater circulation. Thiswork presents a geological model of the study area by integrating geologicaland hydrogeological aspects. It aims to describe a natural complex object bysimplifying it to a conceptual and a numerical model. This is aimed atproviding a better understanding of the geometry and the characteristics of thereservoir. The cross-sections and the treatment of deep boreholes dataconfirmed the results of geological modeling. It, however, shows that theregion is synclinal and surrounded by two outcrops: the Jebilet and the HighAtlas mountains. At the South of the plain, the large thickness of the covergives a good accumulation of water and ensures the reservoir supply. The rise of the basement in the north of the plain imposes a dividing line with twogroundwater flow directions.
Subject: Geografia
Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Internacional
Rights: openAccess
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