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Author(s): Brito, Ana Maria
Choupina, Celda
Title: Verbs of inherently directed motion in two different modality languages, eurpean portuguese and LGP : some typological reflections
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: In the chapter we analyse two verbs of inherently directed motion such as ir goand vir come in two different modality languages EP (European Portuguese) andLGP (Portuguese Sign Language), in order to discuss their main properties. We showthat Romance languages, and Portuguese in particular, are not only verb-framed inthe way they express motion and manner of motion and we show the importanceof Prepositional Phrases in the construction of argument structure of verbs. As forSign languages, and specifically LGP, we show, starting from a brief corpus, that thislanguage, being closer to an equipollently-framed language, has some propertiesthat indicate that verbs are not the only way to express movement. We conclude thatmore important than a typological classification it is crucial to analyse morphological,lexical and syntactic resources that languages have in order to express manner andpath of motion.
Subject: Ciências da linguagem
language sciences
Source: Verbs, movement and prepositions
Document Type: Capítulo ou Parte de Livro
Rights: openAccess
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