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Author(s): J. M. P. Q. Delgado
M. Vázquez da Silva
Title: Concentration distribution in the wake of a plane surface buried in a porous media in alignment with the flow direction
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: The present work describes the mass transfer process between a moving fluid and a slightly soluble flat surface buried in a packed bed of small inert particles with uniform voidage, by both advection and diffusion. Numerical solutions of the differential equation describing solute mass conservation were undertaken to obtain the concentration profiles, for each concentration level, the width and downstream length of the corresponding contour surface and the mass transfer flux was integrated to give the Sherwood number as a function of Peclet number. A mathematical expression that relates the dependence with the Peclet number is proposed to describe the approximate size of the diffusion wake downstream of the reactive solid mass.
Subject: Outras ciências da engenharia e tecnologias
Other engineering and technologies
Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Internacional
Rights: restrictedAccess
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