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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020-09-17Conhecimento e Perceções da Nanociência e da Nanotecnologia: contributos de uma Atividade com Pais no Computador, no ensino básico e secundárioNatália Relvão da SilvaTese
2020-09-17Interval-Weighted Networks: Community Detection and Centrality MeasuresHélder Fernando Cerqueira AlvesTese
2020-06-01Nuclear Receptors in Metazoan lineages: the cross-talk between Evolution and Endocrine DisruptionElza Sofia da Silva da FonsecaTese
2018-10-12Origin, Diversity and Selection Patterns of South American ChickensAgusto Rey Luzuriaga NeiraTese
2020-09-22Post-tectonic Variscan magmatism from northwest Iberia. Implications for W-Mo metallogeny. Case study of Lamas de Olo PlutonCláudia da Conceição Ferreira da CruzTese
2020-09-15Upwelling and Biodiversity in a Climate Change contextClaudia MeneghessoTese
2020-07-20Behavioural and ecological determinants of large carnivore persistence in human-dominated landscapes: The case of wolves in northwest IberiaHelena Isabel Rio Maior Palma de OliveiraTese
2020-06-12Towards a Comprehensive Understanding of tiny stars in the near-infrared domain -  Determining stellar parameters of FGK and M dwarfs from their APOGEE spectra using the spectral synthesis methodPedro Ivo Teixeira de Kercadio SarmentoTese
2020-07-17Chemical hazards from poultry meat: cooking, digestion, absorption and toxicityMaria Madalena da Costa SobralTese
2020-01-31Genetic Basis of Simple and Complex Traits with Relevance to Avian EvolutionMalgorzata Anna GazdaTese
2018-07-26Fluorescent ligands and coordination polymers with potential application in metal ion sensing, photoluminescence and heterogeneous catalysisCarla Patrícia de Araújo QueirósTese
2020-05-26Establishing Trust and Confidence Among Entities in Distributed NetworksFrancis Nwebonyi NwebonyiTese
2020-07-15Solvation of Alcohols in Ionic LiquidsInês Catarina Moreira VazTese
2019-07-23Conservation Biogeography of Terrestrial Mammals in Iran: Diversity, Distribution, and Vulnerability to ExtinctionGholamhosein YusefiTese
2020-07-20Ciência Cidadã: envolvimento do público na investigação e divulgação em astronomiaIlídio André Pinto Monteiro da CostaTese
2019-01-18Inferring the demographic history of southern Angola: a key region for understanding human settlement in Southern AfricaSandra Raquel da Silva OliveiraTese
2020-04-16From ESPRESSO to PLATO: detecting and characterizing Earth-like planets in the presence of stellar noiseLuisa Maria SerranoTese
2019-07-12Advanced heterogeneous porous catalysts for desulfurization of dieselSusana Natércia Oliveira RibeiroTese
2020-06-18From chemistry to biological implications of polyphenols in Celiac DiseaseRicardo Jorge Correia DiasTese
2020-06-22Chemometrics coupled to vibrational spectroscopy and HPLC-DAD for the analysis of medicinal drugs and real-time monitoring of pharmaceutical cocrystallization/salification processSarmento Júnior MazivilaTese
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 651