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Author(s): Bárbara Rangel
Vítor Almeida
Vítor Carneiro
Title: Projeto integrado como estratégia de desenho fundamentada nas exigencias de desempenho do edifício
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: From all the participants in the construction process, the design team is the weakest bond. When there is an anomaly inservice or even during the execution of the work, the first step is to find an error in the project. Today, design is almost arisky profession. As the project is not a single, but a summation of specifications, is always possible to find somecontradictory information between of any detail on any of them.As the project is now ultimately responsible for the performance of a building effectiveness, it is essential that thedefinition of the various elements that make up the collection of systems to be built together as an INTEGRATEDSYSTEM. If the search of the solution is sustained in by the various disciplines, it will thus be possible to substantiaterigorously every design decision. However, to manage this joint is necessary to find a common methodology, theINTEGRATED DESIGN. Each project will be part of a unique solution to build a single. Color, lighting, naturalventilation, spatial organization, can be parameterized to jointly define the CONSTRUCTION DESIG.In this article is presented an integrated strategy to articulate the information of the disciplines involved in theconstruction process.
Document Type: Artigo em Livro de Atas de Conferência Internacional
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