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Author(s): Fonseca, Fernanda Irene
Title: Referência, translação de referência e excesso referencial : uma leitura do «Excesso» em dois textos de Óscar Lopes
Issue Date: 2014-01-30
Abstract: Based upon a comparative reading of two articles by Oscar Lopes, some aspects of referencial linguistics are analised; the author concentrates particularly on what in one of these articles is referred to as «referencial excess of the languages This aspect is illustrated in the area of temporal reference, focusing on the notions of deictic ramification and of fictive reference mark. This reflection on the notion of «referencial excess» is developed to achieve a correct understanding of the type of relationship which man builds through language to reality. The author concludes, by pointing out the necessity of conceiving Linguistics and Literature as forms of one whole knowledge («sater»): a totalizing knowledge about man and language.
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Source: Revista da Faculdade de Letras : Línguas e Literaturas, II série, vol. 4 (1987), p. 137-150
Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Nacional
Rights: openAccess
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