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Author(s): Rebelo, Jorge Manuel Valença
Title: A Reinserção Social - Experiências de Percursos de Toxicodependentes
Publisher: Faculdade de Economia da Universidade do Porto
Issue Date: 2011-02-04
Abstract: The recovery and social integron of former drug addicts is a multidimensional social process that needs a slow and complex process which implies a total rupture with the drug addictions references, for that a new life could really come, free of addictions and with all the pleasures of a physical and mental healthy life. With this investigation we intend to give a small contribute for the knowledge and comprehension of the social reality that involves the experiences and passages for recovery and social integration, in people that had their lives jailed in the addiction of drugs and in the marginality of social exclusion for a long period of time. About the theoretical framing of the dissertation, we have contributions about social exclusion and integration of drug addicts, where the micro and macro social perspectives are related as being in interaction. We have the theoretical presentation about the qualitative research model that has been adopted to help for the best results of the work the symbolic interactionism and the Sociology of Experience. A qualitative and rationalist model of approach had been applied for this research with 8 interviews, for that we could identify and understand all the passages or careers that were studied. At the end of the research we had got the answer for the questions that were in its origin and also the confirmation that all objectives were reached: The inverse point of the drug passages to the recovery is the deepest one subjectively considered by the participants, but not necessarily situated in a total exclusion situation; Considering the special, temporal, social and psychological key-moment of inversion for the recovery and integration, it has to have self wonderings behaviours of change and the total abandonment of drugs consumptions; In the promotion factors of the processes we had found macro and micro social mechanisms and behaviours that use to help in all processes, from the beginning till the end; We had understood that by him and alone, the individual can t pursuit the objective of recovery and social integration. It is essential the participation of all the persons and papers of the necessarily actors; We had understood all the necessary steps for the work transition or professional integration in the different experiences that had been analysed; The micro and macro interaction difficulties, the strategies of resolution, and also their benefits in the processes; We had the perception and understanding of the great importance of a new identity and living style, of the feeling of a new social and rehabilitated vision in the life contexts These are just some of the main important results we had reached with the research. We invite the lecturer to read all the work to find out the whole understanding of the achievements of it.
Description: Desenvolvimento e Inserção Social
Master Degree on Development and Social Inclusion
Document Type: Dissertação
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