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Author(s): Ester Silva
José Costa
Title: Are Voters Rationally Ignorant? An Empirical Study for Portuguese Local Elections.
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: The application of the rational choice postulate to a political contextinvariably leads to the conclusion that most voters are ill informed when makingthe decision on whom to vote for. In this paper, the authors conduct an empiricalevaluation of the rational ignorance theory, based on the model developed by(Rogoff and Sibert Rev Econ Stud LV:116, (1988) and by considering that betterinformed voters reward political candidates who show better performances. Thelevels of performance are established through the construction of an empiricalfrontier using the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) methodology. According toour results, based on the 1997 Portuguese local elections, even though swing votersdo not necessarily behave as rationally ignorant voters, a large majority of votersare rationally ignorant.
Subject: Ciências Sociais, Ciências sociais
Social sciences, Social sciences
Scientific areas: Ciências sociais
Social sciences
Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Internacional
Rights: openAccess
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