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dc.creatorDaniel Pozza
dc.creatorNelson Ribeiro Neto
dc.creatorJoão Macedo Sobrinho
dc.creatorJean Santos
dc.creatorJoão Weber
dc.creatorMarília Gerhardt de Oliveira
dc.description.abstractChronic osteomyelitis of the mandible is usually a difficult pathology to resolve. Treatment has included long-term antibiotics, and surgical debridement, aggressive in some cases. This paper reports a 54-year-old female with an eight-month-mandibular chronic osteomyelitis who was successfully treated with the combination of medication and surgical intervention.
dc.subjectCiências da Saúde, Outras ciências médicas
dc.subjectHealth sciences, Other medical sciences
dc.titleCombined treatment by antibiotic therapy and surgery of chronic mandibular osteomyelitis: a case report.
dc.typeArtigo em Revista Científica Nacional
dc.contributor.uportoFaculdade de Medicina
dc.subject.fosCiências médicas e da saúde::Outras ciências médicas
dc.subject.fosMedical and Health sciences::Other medical sciences
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