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Author(s): Guerra, Paula
Title: Just can't go to sleep: DIY cultures and alternative economies from the perspective of social theory
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: This article explores the modalities of involvement of young people in undergroundpunk music scenes, as they forge do-it-yourself (DIY) careers through applyingskills in production, promotion, composition and performance, acquired throughlong-term immersion in these scenes. In each such career, we can see an illustrationof how youth culture can be seen as a platform through which young peopleacquire practical skills and competence in an era of risk, uncertainty and precariousliving. Working with a corpus of over 200 interviews, we propose an analysis of therepresentations of Portuguese punk scene members with regard to the DIY experience,demonstrating and specifying scene knowledge, networks and skills, which arecrucial to the location of these subcultural entrepreneurs in the larger labour market.We will also attempt to demonstrate the importance of DIY ethics, aesthetics andpraxis in the constitution and dynamics of the Portuguese punk scene from the late1970s until today, highlighting its role in the lives of the participants. Moreover, wewill look at DIY as an expression of the symbolic capital of punk, enabling careers,pathways, trajectories and roles, as well as functioning as a specific (sub-)culturalcapital present in most underground musical events, and with particular intensity inthe case of punk. Finally, the feud between the mainstream and the underground is a key issue in the discussion of the DIY ethos, taking us into the core of the questionof authenticity.
Subject: Ciências Sociais
Social sciences
Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Internacional
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