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Author(s): Carvalho, José Adriano de Freitas
Title: D. António, Prior do Crato, Príncipe Penitente : os Psalmi Confessionales: do exemplum à devoção
Publisher: Porto : Universidade do Porto. Faculdade de Letras
Issue Date: 1995
Abstract: The Psalmi Confessionalis is a significant exemplar both of a genre with a scarce presence in the Portuguese culture of the second half of the 17th century and of the Portuguese literature in exile in the early period of the Iberian Union. In spite of this significance, this work has never been the object of a study centered on the issue of its authorship, on the reasons for its sources (the Holy Scripture, St Augustine, Petrarch), and on the display of the work of textual construction performed by its true author - Fr. Diogo Carlos, OFM. This study is an attempt at approaching this set of issues and trying to locate the work within the spiritual biography of D. António, who is known to have read it during the latter part of his life.
Subject: Espiritualidade
Cultura portuguesa - séc. 17
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Source: Via Spiritus : Revista de História da Espiritualidade e do Sentimento Religioso, 02, 1995, p.67-130
Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Nacional
Rights: openAccess
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