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Author(s): Luís M. Madeira
Patricia Pérez
Miguel A. Soria
Ana I. Pereira
Carlos J. Tavares
Adélio Mendes
Silvano Tosti
Title: Synthesis of Pd-Ag Alloy Membranes and their Application in Membrane Reactors for Hydrogen Production and Purification
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Pd-Ag based membranes, self-supported and supported on porous α-Al2O3, have been studied for hydrogenselective separation. In the case of the self-supported membranes the Pd-Ag permeator tube was prepared bycold-rolling and diffusion welding technique; magnetron sputtering technique was employed for the synthesis ofthe membrane supported on porous α-Al2O3. The results have shown that the self supported Pd-Ag membranesare infinitively H2-selective and the H2-permeation rate through this membrane is in accordance with SievertsŽlaw for detect-free meal membranes; hence, an ultra-pure hydrogen stream can be obtained. The Pd-Agmembrane supported on porous α-Al2O3 is not completely selective towards H2, but requires much less metalsince it is much thinner (ca. ~50 vs. 1 µm).In this work, it was studied the water-gas shift on Pd-Ag membrane reactor, but it was also illustrated anotherapplication of palladium membranes, in the ethanol steam reforming. The use of the self-supported Pd-Agmembrane leads to enhance the H2 yield in both reactions, providing much better performances thanconventional reactors.
Source: Advances in Hydrogen Energy Technologies: Key to Sustainable Energy Markets, 5th International Seminar
Document Type: Artigo em Livro de Atas de Conferência Internacional
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