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Author(s): C. V. Miguel
A. Mendes
S. Tosti
Luís M. Madeira
Title: Effect of CO and CO 2 on H 2 permeation through finger-like Pd-Ag membranes
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: The permeance of a 50 mm thick PdAg (25 wt.% of silver) tubular membrane towardshydrogen was evaluated for hydrogen feed streams or binary mixtures of industrial relevance,namely of H2/CO or H2/CO2.It was proposed a rearrangement of the SievertseLangmuir (SL) equation to account forthe inhibition effect on the membrane permeance towards H2 due to the presence of CO orCO2. Such modification is based on the average partial pressure of CO or CO2 and thelogarithm-mean driving-force to account for concentration gradients along the axial lengthof the tubular membrane. Comparison with the original SL equation evidenced relativedeviations < 10.7%. The experimental data showed good agreement with the SL model.It was found that carbon monoxide has a much stronger inhibition effect on hydrogenpermeation than carbon dioxide. Considering the values obtained for the adsorptionenthalpy of each gas, it was concluded that both CO and CO2 adsorb physically on themembrane surface.
Subject: Engenharia química
Chemical engineering
Scientific areas: Ciências da engenharia e tecnologias::Engenharia química
Engineering and technology::Chemical engineering
Related Information: info:eu-repo/grantAgreement/FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia/Projectos de I&DT em Todos os Domínios Científicos/PTDC/EQU-ERQ/098730/2008/Integração de Reactores de Membrana com Processos Adsorptivos usando-se Catalisadores Suportados em Monolitos para a Produção de Hidrogénio de Elevada Pureza/PTDC/EQU-ERQ/098730/2008
Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Internacional
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