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Author(s): Dermot Coughlan
Title: EQUIPE Report
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: The global trend of quality assurance has found its way into universities andtheir lifelong learning. Quality projects are carried out at the institutional,national, European and global level. Quality systems are launched inuniversities and they will be audited or accredited by national or internationalbodies.However, the issue of indicators and benchmarks in university lifelonglearning has not been exhaustively examined. There seems to be a clearneed for development both in terms of public accountability and also in termsof pointing the relevant foci of development within and by the institutionsthemselves.A wide network of European universities explored the quality enhancement ofuniversity lifelong learning and its effects on adult learning and individualpathways in projects European Quality in Individualized Pathways inEducation EQUIPE"1 and European Quality in Individualised Pathways inEducation Plus "EQUIPE Plus2.The topic of indicators of quality in ULLL was not covered in the first Equipenetwork although there is a clear need to address the issues in academic LLLat institutional and faculty level. Therefore, the project partners decided toexplore the issue as one of the streams in the EQUIPE Plus project. Theproject also produced reports about the ULLL quality arrangements inEuropean countries and other materials about quality in academic lifelonglearning. The core function of the project was organizing a series of qualityforums for partners and stakeholders in the field. All the products of EQUIPEPlus are available on the website http://www.equipeplus.orgIn the EQUIPE Plus indicator stream we have produced discussion papersabout the problems and benefits of the use of indicators, drafted sets ofindicators for ULLL and a list of do's and don'ts in using an indicatorapproach.We have also collected EQUIPE Plus case examples of good practice and linksto relevant websites and previous papers. EQUIPE Plus has provided animportant forum in which to debate the issues and to involve LLL experts andquality specialists.1 8We had an important opportunity to learn during the EQUIPE and EQUIPEPlus projects. We hope that the outcomes of our learning experience willsupport the quality enhancement in university lifelong learning, although weare most conscious that a lot of learning and development remains to bedone in future projects.
Source: Getting to grips with university lifelong learning indicators
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