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Author(s): F. M. Andrade Pires
E. A. de Souza Neto
D. R. J. Owen
Title: On the finite element prediction of damage growth and fracture initiation in finitely deforming ductile materials
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: This paper discusses some aspects of the finite element prediction of damage growth and fracture initiation in finitelydeforming ductile solids. The material presented is of particular relevance to the simulation of industrial metal formingoperations characterised by the presence of extreme deformations and strains, often resulting in localised material deteriorationwith possible fracture nucleation and growth. In this context, we focus on the crucial issues of constitutivemodelling, low order finite element technology for near-incompressibility and adaptive mesh refinement. Constitutivemodelling is treated within the framework of continuum damage mechanics. The effect of micro-crack closure, whichmay dramatically decrease the rate of damage growth under compression, is incorporated and its computational implementationis discussed. The use of low order elements in the presence of high nearly-isochoric plastic strains is addressedwith the introduction of a methodology whereby the volumetric constraint is enforced over patches of simplex elements.This allows the effective use of simplex tetrahedrafor which intricate contact conditions as well as mesh generationover complex evolving geometries can be easily treatedwithout the volumetric locking typically associated with conventionallow order displacement-based elements. With the aim of achieving an effective and robust adaptive strategyfor this class of problems, it is important to design a damage-based error indicator which represents the essential featuresof the physical phenomena under consideration. The underlying idea is to correlate the adaptive procedure withthe failure mechanism. The effectiveness of the resulting framework is demonstrated by the solution of relevantproblems.
Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Internacional
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