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Author(s): Lopes, FA
Vieira, MJ
L. F. Melo
Title: Chemical composition and activity of a biofilm during the start-up of an airlift reactor
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: For the successful operation of a biofilm reactor, it is important to characterise the fixed biomass, its activity and composition. The purpose of this research was to monitor the biofilm characteristics of an airlift reactor, namely its composition in terms of exopolymers (polysaccharides and proteins), attached biomass, thickness, total proteins, as well as its activity in terms of substrate consumption rates. During the early phases of biofilm development, a high exopolymer production was observed, which helped in promoting the initial cell adhesion. The high turbulence with strong abrasive conditions might also trigger the excretion of those polymers. Low levels of extracellular proteins were detected, showing that the proteins in the biofilm were mainly intracellular. The biofilm accumulation on the carrier was accompanied by an increased biological activity; however, at the end of the experiment, the specific substrate consumption rate decreased, probably because of a reduction of the cell density within the biofilm.
Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Internacional
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