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dc.creatorFernando Ribeiro
dc.creatorFantina Teixeira
dc.creatorGabriela Brochado
dc.creatorJosé Oliveira
dc.description.abstractTo evaluate the effects of a low cost strength training program of the dorsi- and ankle plantar flexors on muscle strength, balance and functional mobility, in elderly institutionalized subjects; and to determine the association between strength gain and balance and/or functional mobility gain. Forty-eight volunteers were recruited and equally divided into two groups: intervention (aged 78.44 +/- 3.84 years) and control (aged 79.78 +/- 3.90 years). Both groups were tested at baseline and outcome for ankle dorsi- and plantar flexors muscle strength, balance and functional mobility. The intervention group participated in a 6-week program, three-sessions-per-week, of resisted ankle dorsi- and plantar flexion exercises using elastic bands. In the intervention group, maximal isometric dorsi- (from 8.4 +/- 0.45 to 12.6 +/- 0.95 kg; P <= 0.001) and plantar flexors strength (from 13.0 +/- 0.85 to 17.5 +/- 0.93 kg; P <= 0.001), balance (from 14.6 +/- 0.54 to 22.3 +/- 1.81 cm; P <= 0.001) and functional mobility (from 18.4 +/- 0.51 to 11.0 +/- 0.66 s; P <= 0.001) increased significantly after the 6-week strength training program. In the control group, no significant differences were detected. In the intervention group, a significant correlation between plantar flexor strength gain and balance gain was found (r = 0.826; P = 0.01). The proposed low cost strength training of dorsi- and plantar flexors improved strength, balance and functional mobility in institutionalized elderly people; moreover, the improvement in plantar flexor strength was associated with the improvement in balance.
dc.subjectMedicina clínica
dc.subjectClinical medicine
dc.titleImpact of low cost strength training of dorsi- and plantar flexors on balance and functional mobility in institutionalized elderly people
dc.typeArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
dc.contributor.uportoFaculdade de Desporto
dc.subject.fosCiências médicas e da saúde::Medicina clínica
dc.subject.fosMedical and Health sciences::Clinical medicine
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