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Author(s): Emília Malcata Rebelo
Title: Territorial legislation and municipal finance strengthening to support family settlement at the regional level
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The territorial legislation is an outstanding intervention field in order to promote familyregional settlement and integration, as a necessary condition to trigger a sustainable regionaldevelopment.Considering the revision of the Land, Territorial Ordinance and Urbanism Act, currentlyunder way in Portugal - linked together with the revision of the Juridical Regime ofTerritorial Management Instruments, the Juridical Regime of Urbanization and Edification,municipal master plans and respective regulations, other legislation that falls on territory, andthe new Cadastral Law -, this article presents the assumptions, methodology, outcomes andconclusions of a research work focused on a proposal to reformulate the municipaldevelopment charges applied, as a case study, to the municipality of Bragança (Portugal). Asthe current crisis framework strongly impacts on municipal finance, this research aims atcontributing to endow municipalities with financing-efficient instruments, thus reinforcingtheir ability to fight for the interests of their populations in a sustained way, namely in whatconcerns the provision of high standards of family life quality, thus contributing to the properdevelopment of regional economies.This new assessment of municipal development charges is stressed in the conclusions andrecommendations. It indeed contributes to clear up the origins and applications of fundsaimed at development activities; to quantify the values charged todevelopers/promoters/builders, according to the benefits they extract from publicinfrastructure services; and assure an increased fairness and equity in the distribution ofdevelopment costs and benefits among the population within a certain municipality, andamong different municipalities.This increased fairness and equity, together with the proposed reinforcement of municipaleconomic and financial sustainability will, certainly, be decisive for family settlement at theregional level and, therefore, for a better consolidation of the regional development.
Subject: Geografia regional, Geografia económica e social
Regional geography, Social and economic geography
Scientific areas: Ciências sociais::Geografia económica e social
Social sciences::Social and economic geography
Source: 22nd Workshop APDR "Family and Regional Development: Strong Families, Weak Economies?
Document Type: Artigo em Livro de Atas de Conferência Nacional
Rights: openAccess
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