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Author(s): Maria Helena Vasconcelos
Title: Project Final Report, Deliverable D9.2 of the iTesla Project
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: This document is the final report of the iTesla project co-financed by the Seventh Framework Programme(FP7) of the European Union (Grant Agreement 283012).The iTesla project has developed a toolbox able to support the operation of the pan-European electricitytransmission system in the coming years and has validated the different functionalities of this toolbox withdatasets of various complexity and size. This toolbox has been designed to support the decision-makingprocess from two-days ahead to real time and to take up the three main following challenges:- to provide a risk-based assessment taking into account the different sources of uncertainties, inparticular, those brought by intermittent power generation,- to perform accurate security assessment taking into account the dynamics of the system usingtime-domain simulations,- to provide operators with relevant proposals of curative actions to keep the system in a securestate (such as generation redispatching, change in transformer tap position, topology ofsubstations, set point values of HVDC lines or phase shift transformers (PST), change in themaintenance scheduling).In addition, the iTesla project has developed:- Methodologies and tools for validation of dynamic models of components of the pan-Europeansystem, using off-line analysis; these tools have been designed to determine model parametersusing measured dynamic responses of the grid.- New concepts to build more robust defence plans and optimal restoration plans with the help ofautomated tools e.g. the integration of renewable energy resources (RES) and distributed energyresources (DER) and the use of time-synchronized measurements from phasor measurementunits (PMUs).This report provides a summary of the main outcomes of the iTesla project but it does not enter deeply intotechnical and scientific details. All public project deliverables, publications and workshop materials can bedownloaded from the project website: of the iTesla outcomes are accessible to all, in particular:1. The iTesla platform is available at (MPL Mozilla Public License 2.0).2. The computation modules are distributed by the iTesla partners either as open source software oras commercial products.3. The RaPId software for model validation is an open source software (under the GNU LGPL v3license) and is available at .4. The iTesla Power System Library of power system component models in the MODELICA languagehas been released open source (under the MPL 2.0) so that it can be used and enriched by TSOsand the whole power systems community. It is available at .
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