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Author(s): José Carlos Portela Pereira
Title: Gamification on Users Daily Activities
Issue Date: 2014-07-18
Abstract: Mobile applications increasingly play an essential role on people's lives, they help us to perform tasks more efficiently that make part of our day-to-day. The ease of access for developing such applications has led to our disposal a wide range of applications that envolve areas such as healthcare, leisure, education , etc.Gamification is the use of mechanical game design concepts applied in non-game contexts in order to make an activity more interesting. This technique has been adopted in recent years by a lot of services in order to increase the user involvement with the platform itself. This concept is applied in many non-game contexts and physical activity is no exception. Actually, this concept has obtained a lot of sucess in this area since users improve their health while challenging themselves or other users within the network.This dissertation aims to prove how Gamification can be used in order to encourage the practice of physical activity. With this intention, a platform was developed which is constituted by a Web application that allows the creation of gamified elements that subsequently are sent to a mobile application which challenge and promotes their users to improve their levels of physical activity. Machine learning algorithms were integrated in the platform in order to adapt the application to different type of users.
Description: Gamification relies on the use of game elements in everyday scenarios in order to drive engagement and interest to usually more boring tasks. Considering the solutions already developed by Fhp, the Mover application, we are currently able to track user's activity levels and even identify some of the activities performed. Being so, we believe that the usage of gamification methodologies could add some extrinsic motivation to the user, getting the users to become even more active. The purpose of this project would be to develop a gamification framework for Mover, performing a detailed study on the impact it would have in the users daily living. This gamification framework should include badges, rankings, goals, achievements and social networking. The framework should include some machine learning techniques in order to automatically generate badges and adapt goals and achievements according to the users activities.
Subject: Engenharia electrotécnica, electrónica e informática
Electrical engineering, Electronic engineering, Information engineering
Scientific areas: Ciências da engenharia e tecnologias::Engenharia electrotécnica, electrónica e informática
Engineering and technology::Electrical engineering, Electronic engineering, Information engineering
TID identifier: 201309637
Document Type: Dissertação
Rights: openAccess
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