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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021-12Interactions between Financial Constraints and Economic Growth - NIPE Working Paper 15/2021Pedro Neves; Maria João Thompson; Assis Azevedo; João JerónimoTrabalho Académico
2020Enriched functional limit theorems for dynamical systemsAna Cristina Moreira Freitas; Jorge Milhazes Freitas; Mike ToddTrabalho Académico
2021-11The effect of globalization on wage inequality: an application to the European Union before the Great RecessionVitor Manuel Carvalho; Ana Paula Ribeiro; Mariana FerreiraTrabalho Académico
2021-07Automation, Education, and Population: Dynamic Effects in an OLG Growth and Fertility ModelPedro Rui Mazeda Gil; Catarina PeraltaTrabalho Académico
2014As Heurísticas na Decisão do ConsumidorJúlio LobãoTrabalho Académico
2020Educational Mismatches of Newly Hired Workers: Short and Medium-run Effects on WagesIsabel Araújo; Anabela CarneiroTrabalho Académico
2021-02FDI determinants in Mano River Union countries: micro and macro evidenceRodrigo Caldeira de Almeida Martins; Jorge Cerdeira; Miguel Fonseca; Mohamed BarrieTrabalho Académico
2015Matrix rank estimation and reduced rank matrix estimators through GMM and GELNatércia Fortuna; Stephen G. DonaldTrabalho Académico
2016"Outward FDI and Sustainable Trade Balance Path: Evidence from Portuguese Economy, 1996-2011"Miguel Fonseca; António Mendonça; José PassosTrabalho Académico
2015Unemployment Hysteresis and Cycle Asymmetry: A case studyAntónio Neto; Natércia Fortuna; Ana Paula PereiraTrabalho Académico
2015Business Cycles and Stock Market Returns PredictabilityKarim Farroukh; Júlio Lobão; Natércia FortunaTrabalho Académico
2016"The Paradigm of the Investment Development Path: Does it holds for Portugal? Evidence for the period 1990-2011"Miguel Fonseca; António Mendonça; José PassosTrabalho Académico
2016-11-15Explaining Accounting Policy Practices Under IFRS: The Role of Institutional FactorsElena de las Heras; Moreira, José António C.; Patrícia Teixeira LopesTrabalho Académico
2015Collusive Scene Investigation: A Modern Empirical Approach to Uncover CartelsPedro Gonzaga; António Brandão; Helder Vasconcelos; Natércia FortunaTrabalho Académico
2018-12The impact of corruption on economic growth, a bootstrapping analysisPedro Cosme da Costa VieiraTrabalho Académico
2020-04-01Forecasting Inflation with the New Keynesian Phillips Curve: Frequency MattersManuel Mota Freitas Martins; Fábio VeronaTrabalho Académico
2020-02Endogenous Growth and Monetary Policy: How Do Interest-Rate Feedback Rules Shape Nominal and Real Transitional Dynamics?Pedro Rui Mazeda Gil; Gustavo IglésiasTrabalho Académico
2020-05-18Complexity and growthAlberto Bucci; Lorenzo Carbonari; Pedro Rui Mazeda Gil; Giovanni TrovatoTrabalho Académico
2019-05-24On resolution of 1-dimensional foliations on 3-manifoldsJulio Rebelo; Helena ReisTrabalho Académico
2019Do psychological barriers exist in Latin American stock markets?Júlio Lobão; Natércia Fortuna; Franklin SilvaTrabalho Académico
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 212