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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021-10-01Studying the homing of Plasmodium sporozoites to the liverDavid Alexandre Mendes da CostaTese
2021-07-19Biomarker discovery and metabolic characterization of prostate cancer through tissue and urine metabolomic studiesAna Rita Couto Machado LimaTese
2021-07-27Aromatase inhibitors in breast cancer: Drug discovery and strategies to overcome acquired resistanceTiago André Sousa Vieira AugustoTese
2019-07-24Chemical, biological and sensory characterization of hops and dry-hopped beers: Perspectives for use of Portuguese genotypesJulio Cesar Machado JuniorTese
2019-07-17Targeting Hsp70 in Huntington's DiseaseSara Daniela de Sousa ReisTese
2018-07-16Design and development of multi-target agents for neurodegenerative diseasesEster Sofia Teixeira BenfeitoTese
2016-06-27Biocatálise em meios de líquidos iónicos e sua automatizaçãoEdite Cristina Almeida Saraiva Reis CunhaTese
2018-07-11Development of PEGylated platforms to overcome blood-brain barrier constraints in neurodegenerative therapyCarlos Eduardo Vinhas FernandesTese
2019-06-25Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Indole Alkaloid Derivatives Based on Natural ProductsSolida LongTese
2019-06-11Molecular recognition strategies combined to mesofluidics for solid-phase renewable assaysInês Isabel Barros Moreira RamosTese
2019-06-07Studying extracellular vesicles from P-glycoprotein overexpressing multidrug resistant cells: new insights into their cargo and mechanisms of releaseDiana Duarte de SousaTese
2021-04-27Development and application of an innovative disposable sensor for Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPSs) based on electrochemistryRosa Alexandrina de Sousa CoutoTese
2021-04-28Assessment of the antidiabetic activity of flavonoids: targeting key enzymes involved in type 2 diabetes pathophysiologyCarina Isabel Coelho ProençaTese
2021-04-20Toxicometabolomics of amphetaminic derivates in in vitro and in vivo experimental modelsAna Margarida Carvalho AraújoTese
2019-05-08Protocolos de monitorização terapêutica de vancomicina: impacto nos resultados clínicos dos doentes e contributos para a sua melhoriaSiomara Regina HahnTese
2021-03-26Nanostructured systems containing Passiflora edulis extract: A new dermocosmetic alternative as skin antioxidant and depigmentantKarolline KrambeckTese
2020-12-16Modulation of the Proteostasis Network and Energy Metabolism in Huntington's DiseaseTânia Raquel Pereira SoaresTese
2018-12-20Influência do Processamento no perfil lipídico de alimentos processados: aspectos nutricionais e toxicológicosTânia Céu Mendes Gonçalves AlbuquerqueTese
2017-12-19Micro and Nano-flow approaches for monitoring the fate and environmental impacts of veterinary antibioticsPatricia Lisandri de Souza PeixotoTese
2018-12-19Carbapenemase producers of Pseudomonas aeruginosa: lights on new mobile genetic elementsJoão Francisco Tomaz Santos BotelhoTese
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 263