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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2016-05-30Targeting dietary antioxidants to mitochondria: regulating mitochondrial radical production and redox signaling to improve human healthJosé Carlos Santos TeixeiraTese
2016-05-23Innovative functional polymer therapeutic nanotechnologies for siRNA delivery in lung cancerAna Vanessa Hortas do NascimentoTese
2018-05-25Molecular-based methodologies for seafood authentication and allergen detectionTelmo José Rodrigues FernandesTese
2012-03-16The Leishmania TDR1 family-related gene: functional studies and evaluation of TDR1 recombinant protein as a vaccine agaist leishmaniasisAna Marta Franco da SilvaTese
2015-06-26Discovery of an effective antidote for Amanita Phalloides poisoningJuliana Cristina Venera GarciaTese
2012-07-17Synthesis of chiral derivatives of xanthones: application as HPLC stationary phases and potential bioactive agents in pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistryCarla Sofia Garcia FernandesTese
2018-07-16Design and development of multi-target agents for neurodegenerative diseasesEster Sofia Teixeira BenfeitoTese
2012-01-11Prenylflavonoids and Chalcones: Synthesis and Evaluation of the Antitumor ActivityMarta Alexandra Oliveira Perro NevesTese
2014-01-17The cardiotoxicity of mitoxantrone: a mechanistic approach using in vitro and in vivo models.Luciana Grazziotin RossatoTese
2013-12-10Screening of P-Glycoprotein Inducers and Activators as Effective Antidotes Against its Toxic Substrates in Caco-2 Cells. The Example of ParaquatRenata Sofia Araújo da SilvaTese
2014-07-24Desenvolvimento de comprimidos flutuantes de libertação modificada contendo um parasiticidaRosa Lúcia Carneiro da SilvaTese
2014-12-18Chitosan-Based Nanomedicine for Rosmarinic Acid Ocular DeliverySara Isabel Macedo Baptista da SilvaTese
2013-06-28Polymerie nanoparticles as carrier systems for antiretroviral agents to be used in the prevention of vaginal HIV transmissionJosé Alberto Gonçalves das NevesTese
2017-10-02Process analytical technology for batch and continuous pharmaceutical process supervision.Ana Filipa Tavares da SilvaTese
2013-05-30Analysis of pharmaceutical residues in wastewaters, surface and drinking waters - study of the removal efficiency through conventional and advanced treatment processesMaria Augusta Dionísio de SousaTese
2018-07-18Colonização intestinal de bovinos brasileiros saudáveis por Enterobacteriaceae multirresistentes aos antibióticos produtoras de beta-lactamase de espetro estendidoJosman Dantas PalmeiraTese
2016-04-22Functional characterization of Leishmania infantum asparagine synthetase A and ribose 5-phosphate Isomerase B as potential drug targetsJoana Raquel Correia FariaTese
2014-12-15Regulation of immunity to visceral Leishmania in a non-human primate model of infectionVasco Manuel Teixeira Afonso RodriguesTese
2014-06-06Unveiling population diversity, biosurfactant and antibacterial agents production of Bacillus pumilus group speciesFabiana Raquel Gouveia Pinto Nevado BranquinhoTese
2018-05-10Multimodal actions of brown seaweed (Ochrophyta) bioactive compounds in inflammation and allergy networkMariana Nunes BarbosaTese
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 241