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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021-12-02The neuroprotective potential of medicinal species: From flavonoid-rich extracts to nanophytosomes with multimodal effectsJoão Tiago Alves BernardoTese
2023-09-14Preclinical Pharmacology of Novel Palladium-Based Antineoplastic Agents for Triple-Negative Breast CancerMartin VojtekTese
2020-09-03Development of New Types of Biocompatible Haemodialysis Membranes for Separation of BiomoleculesMichaela KohlováTese
2023-07-26The natural product chemical space for modulating endoplasmic reticulum stress in chronic diseasesDaniela Correia da SilvaTese
2021-07-27Aromatase inhibitors in breast cancer: Drug discovery and strategies to overcome acquired resistanceTiago André Sousa Vieira AugustoTese
2022-07-22Inflammatory Pathways in Granulosa Cells: Exploring Pharmacological Significance of ChalconesThaise da Silva MartinsTese
2021-07-19Biomarker discovery and metabolic characterization of prostate cancer through tissue and urine metabolomic studiesAna Rita Couto Machado LimaTese
2023-07-11Natural colorants based on anthocyanins obtained from bioresiduesBianca Rodrigues de AlbuquerqueTese
2023-05-31Authenticity of plant food supplements: advanced genomic and chemical approaches to assess their botanical originLiliana Gonçalves GrazinaTese
2023-05-25Development of New Drug Combinations for Cancer Treatment.Diana Sousa DuarteTese
2023-06-05Development and application of  enzymatic and cell-based assays to  evaluate potential anticancer  compoundsSarah Alexandra Pais PereiraTese
2021-12-22Encapsulation of Extracts of Plants and by-products on Lipid-based Nano/micro CarriersFaezeh FathiTese
2023-05-22Mesofluidic analytical systems based on renewable solid-phase chemistry and molecular recognitionBruno José Rodrigues GregórioTese
2023-05-11Grapevine cultivars metabolic modeling combining metabolic, (micro)climate, soil and spectroscopy dataSandia Santos MachadoTese
2023-05-24Nose-to-brain delivery of lipid nanoparticles-based formulations for epileptic seizuresCláudia Sofia de Pina e CostaTese
2023-04-26Flavones, Chalcones and Diarylpentanoids as Antitumor Agents: Discovery, Optimization and Structure-Activity Relationship StudiesJoana Patrícia Martins MoreiraTese
2023-05-12The role of cannabinoids in human placental remodelling: implications for pregnancy outcomeJoão Oliveira MaiaTese
2023-04-13Environmental compatibility and antifouling performance of new synthetic nature-inspired antifoulants (NIAF).Cátia Sofia da Silva Vilas BoasTese
2023-04-19Extracellular vesicles as potential biomarkers for Canine LeishmaniosisSofia Sampaio EstevesTese
2023-04-12Environmental contamination by the broad-spectrum herbicide glyphosate: development of simple and low cost analytical procedures for its quantification and remediation technologiesLuis Angel Zambrano IntriagoTese
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 295