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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2019-07-17Targeting Hsp70 in Huntington's DiseaseSara Daniela de Sousa ReisTese
2019-07-24Chemical, biological and sensory characterization of hops and dry-hopped beers: Perspectives for use of Portuguese genotypesJulio Cesar Machado JuniorTese
2019-06-07Studying extracellular vesicles from P-glycoprotein overexpressing multidrug resistant cells: new insights into their cargo and mechanisms of releaseDiana Duarte de SousaTese
2019-06-11Molecular recognition strategies combined to mesofluidics for solid-phase renewable assaysInês Isabel Barros Moreira RamosTese
2017-07-25Development of automatic bioassays for the evaluation of ionic liquids' toxicity and biodegradabilitySusana Patrícia Fontes da CostaTese
2017-07-20In depth characterization of contemporary Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae resistant to extended-spectrum B-lactams: from key molecular drivers to clonal delineationCarla Alexandra Parada RodriguesTese
2019-06-25Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Indole Alkaloid Derivatives Based on Natural ProductsSolida LongTese
2017-06-23Uncovering the hepatotoxic and neurotoxic potential of ß-keto amphetamine (cathinone) derivates: in vitro mechanistic studies.Maria João Portugal Couto ValenteTese
2017-06-09Macrophage-Leishmania nutrient flow: a fine tune that dictates the success of infectionDiana Raquel Bento MoreiraTese
2019-05-08Protocolos de monitorização terapêutica de vancomicina: impacto nos resultados clínicos dos doentes e contributos para a sua melhoriaSiomara Regina HahnTese
2017-06-02New technologies for the improvement of leprosy multidrug therapy: a quality by design approachLuíse Lopes ChavesTese
2017-05-19Advances on anthracyclines-lipid membrane interactions: a biophysical approachAna Catarina Rodrigues AlvesTese
2016-05-16Phenotypic and Target-based Strategies for Drug Discovery in TrypanosomesLuís Filipe da Silva GasparTese
2017-05-03Targeting CXCR4 with immuno-modified iron oxide nanoparticles for cancer treatment with magnetically-induced hyperthermia. An in vitro approach.Vânia Filipa Esteves Vilas BoasTese
2016-06-27Biocatálise em meios líquidos iónicos e sua automatização.Edite Cristina Almeida Saraiva Reis CunhaTese
2016-03-29Estudo do efeito dos fatores psicossociais e tecnológicos na adesão à terapêutica em doentes com psoríase.Ana Isabel Pacheco TeixeiraTese
2013-12-20Ecstasy´s Neurotoxicity: In Vitro Findings from Mitochondria to the CellDaniel José da Costa BarbosaTese
2013-01-10Functional and morphological characterization of vascular presynaptic adenosine receptors in spontaneously hypertensive rats.Maria Carolina Rocha e Pinho Pereira Meireles AmorimTese
2017-12-20Contributo para o Estudo Bioquímico e Genético da Doença Hereditária do Metabolismo do Colestrol - Síndrome de Smith-Lemli-OpitzMaria Luís Moral Westerman CardosoTese
2016-05-30Targeting dietary antioxidants to mitochondria: regulating mitochondrial radical production and redox signaling to improve human healthJosé Carlos Santos TeixeiraTese
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 247