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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020-10-21Cyclodextrins as excipients in solid oral dosage formsJaime Manuel Guedes Morais da ConceiçãoTese
2020-09-03Development of New Types of Biocompatible Haemodialysis Membranes for Separation of BiomoleculesMichaela KohlováTese
2020-09-18Dual-purpose oromucosal films and tablets for the local management of oral mucositisJoão Carlos Costa CamposTese
2020-07-07Rational development of anti-Leishmania vaccines for humans focusing on both the vector and the parasitePedro Amado CecílioTese
2020-06-02Antioxidant properties of Porphyra dioica: a study focusing the protein fraction of different life cycle stagesFilipa Alexandra Botelho PimentelTese
2018-07-19Targeted regulation of PKC signaling pathway: Searching for new therapeutic strategies against cancerCláudia Sofia dos Santos BessaTese
2018-07-18Colonização intestinal de bovinos brasileiros saudáveis por Enterobacteriaceae multirresistentes aos antibióticos produtoras de beta-lactamase de espetro estendidoJosman Dantas PalmeiraTese
2018-07-09Venenos e envenenamentos por serpentes de importância médica em AngolaPaula Regina Simões de OliveiraTese
2018-07-04Search for new serological markers for zoonotic canine leishmaniasisCarla Patrícia da Silva LimaTese
2018-07-03Starting Material - Concept and Impact on Pharmaceutical RegulationsAna Paula Moreira da Costa Folhadela SimõesTese
2018-05-25Molecular-based methodologies for seafood authentication and allergen detectionTelmo José Rodrigues FernandesTese
2018-05-10Multimodal actions of brown seaweed (Ochrophyta) bioactive compounds in inflammation and allergy networkMariana Nunes BarbosaTese
2020-01-17Development of new chemical entities based on natural scaffolds with therapeutic potential towards age-related disorders.Daniel Freitas ChavarriaTese
2019-12-06Bioprospecting Aplysia sea hares as valuable sources of bioactive moleculesRenato Joel Barros PereiraTese
2019-11-25Fishery products safety and health risk assessment: a survey on novel persistent toxic substances on the Portuguese marketRebeca CruzTese
2017-12-21Technological developments for enhanced nutritional, bioactive and biochemical olive oil processed potatoesCarla Sofia Pereira SantosTese
2017-12-20Contributo para o Estudo Bioquímico e Genético da Doença Hereditária do Metabolismo do Colestrol - Síndrome de Smith-Lemli-OpitzMaria Luís Moral Westerman CardosoTese
2017-11-03Nanocarriers as alternative strategies for treatment of mycobacterial infectionsAlexandre Couto Carneiro VieiraTese
2017-10-16Development of new methodologies based on vibrational spectroscopy and chemometrics for wine characterization and classificationCláudia Andreia Teixeira dos SantosTese
2017-12-07"NSAIDs developed with recent strategies: a biophysical approach to evaluate their therapeutic and toxic effects"Maria Catarina Figueiral da Silva Pereira LeiteTese
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 255