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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2016-10-20Cloning and expression of a new ketoreductase from the marine bacteria Virgibacillus pantothenticusJoão Rodrigues GriloTese de Licenciatura
2016-05-09Development of a new Coatings for RaspberriesAna Catarina Matos PereiraTese de Licenciatura
2016-10-11Multifunctional magnetic-responsive hydrogels to engineer tendon-to-bone interfaceElsa Daniela da Costa SilvaTese de Licenciatura
2016-10-20Desenvolvimento de Metodologia Alternativa por Fluorescência de Raios-X para a Quantificação de Teores de Cálcio, Ferro e Zinco em Pré-MisturasJoão Gonçalo Gameiro TorresTese de Licenciatura
2016-07-26Miniaturization of Microbial Fuel Cells Design, construction and performance studiesManuel Ramos Pinto de FigueiredoTese de Licenciatura
2016-10-12Antimicrobial Biomaterials for use as Dialysis CathetersInês Silva BorgesTese de Licenciatura
2016-10-10Evaluation of the therapeutic potential of piezoelectric fibers-coated thin films for the treatment of myocardial infarctionLuís Miguel de Almeida MonteiroTese de Licenciatura
2016-10-10Development of a photo-triggerable nanoparticle for efficient intracellular delivery of siRNASara Isabel Fernandes PereiraTese de Licenciatura
2016-07-25Development of new antibiofilm strategies using plant-based molecules and analoguesJoão Ricardo Mendes BaptistaTese de Licenciatura
2016-07-25The effect of pharmaceuticals and personal care products on the behavior of planktonic and sessile Burkholderia cepacia from drinking waterDiana Isabel Ribeiro MadureiraTese de Licenciatura
2016-10-13Antimicrobial properties of a Strontium-rich Hybrid System for bone regenerationLuís Daniel Mendes BaptistaTese de Licenciatura
2016-07-21Study of Pain Markers and Functional Recovery after Spinal Cord Injury in Xenopus laevis tadpolesAna Lúcia Malcata RebeloTese de Licenciatura
2016-10-10Nucleic-acid based Structures as Smart Nanotools in NeurotherapeuticsJoana Alexandra Vidal da SilvaTese de Licenciatura
2016-09-12Functionalization of fibrin-based hydrogel matrices with angiogenic physical cues as a strategy to promote the vascularization of tissue- engineered implantsJoana Catarina Cunha Dias Soares LoureiroTese de Licenciatura
2016-10-11Impact of human aneuploidy on chromosomal stabilityAna Rita de Sousa CastroTese de Licenciatura
2016-07-27Evolution of Electroflocculation for Harvesting Dunaliella Salina using Non Sacrificial ElectrodesAna Luisa Gonçalves TeixeiraTese de Licenciatura
2016-07-27Microencapsulation: A Promising Technique to Reduce the Environmental Contamination by AntibioticsMarta Jordão XavierTese de Licenciatura
2016-10-10Towards the use of mesenchymal stem cells secretome to treat intervertebral disc degenerationJoana Rita Cardoso Brandão e Pinto FerreiraTese de Licenciatura
2016-10-11Acute and developmental toxicity of gold nanorods on zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryosBárbara Sofia Maia MesquitaTese de Licenciatura
2016-07-19Production of Functionalized Particles with Immobilized Biocide for Biofouling Minimization in Industrial Water SystemsRita Silva Reis Guimarães da CostaTese de Licenciatura
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 45