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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018-12-18Understanding Customer-Focused Supply Chain Management: A Set-Based Concept FrameworkJoão Augusto de Sousa BastosTese
2018-11-05Integrated Energy Solutions Towards Sustainable Isolated CommunitiesGolnar HejaziTese
2019-01-09The Psychosocial risk assessment: validation of the Portuguese long version of the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire II (COPSOQ II)Susel Karine Álvaro do RosárioTese
2019-02-08Bioengineered nanocarriers for targeted drug delivery in glioblastoma multiforme therapyMaria João Alves RamalhoTese
2018-12-21O Som e o Ruído em Festas e Romarias PopularesRobson Silva PassosTese
2019-02-01Automated image-based planning of left atrial interventionsPedro André Gonçalves MoraisTese
2019-02-01O espaço público e o envelhecimento ativoAlba Valéria de Barros e Silva PinheiroTese
2016-12-14Blood Flow-Parameterized Texture Method for Rendering Facial ExpressionsTeresa de Jesus Batista VieiraTese
2010Degradação biológica de fachadas com sistemas de isolamento térmico pelo exterior devida ao desempenho higrotérmicoEva BarreiraTese
2017-07-31Decision support system in the design, production and quality control of glass containersBruno Miguel Rodrigues MartinsTese
2017-12-06Integrating xeno-free strategies with spheroid culture for stem-cell based therapiesEwa Maria BaumanTese
2017-07-31Business Model Development and Operational Planning in Dynamic Manufacturing NetworksSenay SadicTese
2016-09-09Hemodynamics in the Left Coronary Artery - numerical and in vitro approachesErica Doutel CostaTese
1994Influence of architectural features and styles on various acoustical measures in churchesAntónio Pedro Oliveira de CarvalhoTese
2013-07-26Síntese de Partículas Vesiculadas e sua Incorporação em TintasÂngela Maria Lima DiasTese
2010Three-Dimensional Biplanar Reconstruction of the Scoliotic Spine for Standard Clinical SetupDaniel Cardoso de MouraTese
2018-12-12Seismic Safety and Risk Assessment of Existing Steel BuildingsMiguel Neves Martins Ferreira de AraújoTese
2012-11-20Matching and Registration of Structures in Computational Vision: Applications on Medical ImagesFrancisco Paulo Marques de OliveiraTese
2018-03-02The use of antisense nucleic acid mimics for suppressing microRNAs involved in Gastric CancerJoana Filipa Torrinha Ferreira LimaTese
2017-11-28Ramp for Capacitated Facility Location ProblemsTelmo Manuel Sampaio Pinto de MatosTese
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1657