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Author(s): Silva-Rocha, N
Soares, S
Brochado, S
Fraga, S
Title: Bullying involvement, family background, school life, and well-being feelings among adolescents
Publisher: Springer
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: Aim. Our aim is to assess the prevalence of bullying among middle and high school adolescents, describing the type of involvement (as victim-only, as aggressor-only, and as victim-aggressor) and tactics of aggression and victimization used by adolescents, as well as identifying social and behavioural factors and well-being related feelings. Subject and method. The sample included 2623 adolescents (1186 boys and 1437 girls) enrolled in public schools of Porto, Portugal, from the 7th to 12th grade, during the 2014/2015 school year. Information was collected through self-administered and anonymous questionnaires assessing social and demographic characteristics, school life, emotional well-being, and bullying experiences. Results. Results show that girls were more frequently victims of bullying compared to boys (15.1% vs 13.5%). However, boys tended to be more frequently involved as aggressor-only (11.3% and 5.9% for boys and girls respectively) and as victim-aggressors (13.3% and 10.2% for boys and girls respectively). Boys reported more frequently the use of direct tactics, while girls reported the use of indirect tactics. Additionally adolescents involved in bullying were more likely to present negative well-being related feelings. Suicidal ideation was strongly associated with being involved in bullying as victim-aggressors, in girls (OR = 8.34; 95% CI: 5.03-–3.82) and in boys (OR = 8.05; 95% CI: 4.24–15.28). Conclusion. Bullying is a common problem among school-going adolescents and it is related with negative well-being feelings. Efforts to prevent bullying should include schools, families and the community.
Subject: Bullying
Source: J Public Health (Berl.), 2020; 28: 481–489
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