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dc.description.abstractBackground Hereditary spastic paraplegias present a high variability of age at onset, ranging from childhood to older age. Our objective was to identify the determinants of age at onset in autosomal dominant HSP (AD-HSP) in a large cohort of patients and families. Methods We included 239 patients from 89 families identified in the Portuguese multisource population-based survey of hereditary ataxias and spastic paraplegias. Patients were systematically examined by a team of neurologists, admitted for complete clinical workup and tested for SPG3, SPG4 and SPG31. Results Average age at onset was 38.2 years in the first generation, 32.3 years in the second and 17.5 years in the third, with a significant decrease of average age at onset between generations (p < .001). A decrease in the average age at onset was seen in all genotypes (SPG4: p < .001; SPG3: p = .15; SPG31: p < .001). In families with more than one generation (n = 38), this decrease was observed in 78.9%. In multivariate linear regression model, the independent effect of generation in anticipation of age at onset was confirmed (p < .001), adjusting for family, genotype and mutation. We also observed a significant lower age at onset in patients with missense versus truncating mutations (p = .015) in patients with SPG4. Conclusion These results confirm the impact of missense mutations in an earlier age at onset in SPG4 patients. Even though the age at onset could be affected by subjectivity, our results are consistent with the presence of an anticipation phenomenon in AD-HSP.-
dc.relation.ispartofJ Neurol Sci. 2020 Mar 15;410:116646-
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dc.titleDeterminants of age at onset in a Portuguese cohort of autosomal dominant spastic paraplegia-
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