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Author(s): Aba, R.P.
Mugani, R.
Hejjaj, A.
de Fraissinette, N.B.
Oudra, B.
Ouazzani, N.
Campos, A.
Vasconcelos, V.
Carvalho, P.N.
Mandi, L.
Title: First report on cyanotoxin (Mc-lr) removal from surface water by multi-soil-layering (msl) eco-technology: Preliminary results
Publisher: MDPI AG
Issue Date: 2021-05-18
Abstract: Cyanobacteria blooms occur frequently in freshwaters around the world. Some can produce and release toxic compounds called cyanotoxins, which represent a danger to both the environment and human health. Microcystin-LR (MC-LR) is the most toxic variant reported all over the world. Conventional water treatment methods are expensive and require specialized personnel and equipment. Recently, a multi-soil-layering (MSL) system, a natural and low-cost technology, has been introduced as an attractive cost-effective, and environmentally friendly technology that is likely to be an alternative to conventional wastewater treatment methods. This study aims to evaluate, for the first time, the efficiency of MSL eco-technology to remove MC-LR on a laboratory scale using local materials. To this end, an MSL pilot plant was designed to treat distilled water contaminated with MC-LR. The pilot was composed of an alternation of permeable layers (pozzolan) and soil mixture layers (local sandy soil, sawdust, charcoal, and metallic iron on a dry weight ratio of 70, 10, 10, and 10%, respectively) arranged in a brick-layer-like pattern. MSL pilot was continuously fed with synthetic water containing distilled water contaminated with increasing concentrations of MC-LR (0.18–10 µg/L) at a hydraulic loading rate (HLR) of 200 L m−2 day−1. The early results showed MC-LR removal of above 99%. Based on these preliminary results, the multi-soil-layering eco-technology could be considered as a promising solution to treat water contaminated by MC-LR in order to produce quality water for irrigation or recreational activities. © 2021 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.
Subject: Charcoal
Cost effectiveness
Pilot plants
Surface waters
Wastewater treatment
Conventional water treatment
Cyanobacteria blooms
Eco technologies
Environmentally-friendly technology
Hydraulic loading rates
Low cost technology
Permeable layers
Recreational activities
Water treatment
new record
pollutant removal
recreational activity
surface water
wastewater treatment
water pollution
water quality
Series: Water (Switzerland) 13(10):1403
Related Information: Horizon 2020-MSCA- 823860.
Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Internacional
Rights: openAccess
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