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Author(s): Costa, A
Lamas, S
Costa, MJ
Olsson, IAS
Title: The assessment of researchers' competence in experimental procedures with laboratory animals: A three-step methodology to develop a global rating scale
Publisher: Sage
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: To conduct animal experiments, researchers must be competent to handle and perform interventions on living animals in compliance with regulations. Laboratory animal science training programs and licensing bodies therefore need to be able to reliably ensure and certify the professional competence of researchers and technicians. This requires access to assessment strategies which can verify knowledge as well as capturing performative and behavioral dimensions of assessment. In this paper, we describe the process of developing different global rating scales measuring candidates’ competence in a performative assessment. We set out the following sequence, with three crucial phases, in the process of scale development: (A) Item Development, (B) Scale Development, and (C) Piloting of the Scale. We note each phase’s different sub-steps. Despite the emergent need to ensure the competence of researchers using animals in scientific procedures, to our best knowledge there are very few species and procedure/skill specific assessment tools for this purpose, and the assessment methodology literature in the field is very limited. This paper provides guidance for those who need to develop and assess proficiency in laboratory animal procedures by setting out a method that can be used to create the required tools and illustrating how competence assessment strategies can be implemented.
Subject: Assessment of competence
Professional competence
Global rating scales and checklists
Laboratory animal science proficiency
Laboratory animal training supervision
Series: Laboratory animals: 236772211017767
Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Internacional
Rights: openAccess
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