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Author(s): Caldeira, LD
Borba, HH
Tonin, FS
Wiens, A
Fernandez Llimos, F
Pontarolo, R
Title: Fecal microbiota transplantation in inflammatory bowel disease patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: Objectives Current evidence on fecal microbiota transplantation for inflammatory bowel disease is inconclusive. We conducted a systematic review to gather evidence on the efficacy and safety of fecal microbiota transplantation for inflammatory bowel disease. Methods Systematic searches were conducted in PubMed, Scopus, and Web of Science. Clinical remission was considered as the primary endpoint. Pairwise meta-analyses were performed for the randomized controlled studies (Mantel Haenszel, random effects model). Proportion meta-analyses, accounting for weighted pooled rates reported in the interventional studies, were conducted using the mixed effects model. Subgroup analyses considering the type of stool, donor type, and disease subtype were also performed. Cumulative meta-analyses to assess further needs of evidence were conducted. Results Sixty studies were included, from which 36 could be synthesized in the quantitative analyses. Pairwise meta-analyses of six controlled trials showed significant differences in favor of fecal microbiota transplantation compared with placebo (clinical remission: RR 1.70 [95% CI 1.12, 2.56]; clinical response: RR 1.68 [95% CI 1.04, 2.72]). An overall clinical remission of 37%, overall clinical response of 54%, and a prevalence of 29% of adverse events were found for the interventional studies. Frozen fecal material and universal donors were related to better efficacy outcomes. In addition, Crohn's disease patients seemed to benefit more from the procedure. Conclusions The comparative analyses demonstrated that frozen fecal material from universal donors may be related to a higher rate of clinical remission, especially for Crohn's disease.
Document Type: Outra Publicação em Revista Científica Internacional
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