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Author(s): Spencer, AP
Torrado, M
Custódio, B
Silva-Reis, SC
Santos, S
Leiro, V
Pêgo, AP
Title: Breaking Barriers: Bioinspired Strategies for Targeted Neuronal Delivery to the Central Nervous System
Publisher: MDPI
Issue Date: 2020-02-23
Abstract: Central nervous system (CNS) disorders encompass a vast spectrum of pathological conditions and represent a growing concern worldwide. Despite the high social and clinical interest in trying to solve these pathologies, there are many challenges to bridge in order to achieve an effective therapy. One of the main obstacles to advancements in this field that has hampered many of the therapeutic strategies proposed to date is the presence of the CNS barriers that restrict the access to the brain. However, adequate brain biodistribution and neuronal cells specific accumulation in the targeted site also represent major hurdles to the attainment of a successful CNS treatment. Over the last few years, nanotechnology has taken a step forward towards the development of therapeutics in neurologic diseases and different approaches have been developed to surpass these obstacles. The versatility of the designed nanocarriers in terms of physical and chemical properties, and the possibility to functionalize them with specific moieties, have resulted in improved neurotargeted delivery profiles. With the concomitant progress in biology research, many of these strategies have been inspired by nature and have taken advantage of physiological processes to achieve brain delivery. Here, the different nanosystems and targeting moieties used to achieve a neuronal delivery reported in the open literature are comprehensively reviewed and critically discussed, with emphasis on the most recent bioinspired advances in the field. Finally, we express our view on the paramount challenges in targeted neuronal delivery that need to be overcome for these promising therapeutics to move from the bench to the bedside.
Subject: CNS disorders
Drug delivery
Series: Pharmaceutics, vol. 12(2), p. E192
Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Internacional
Rights: openAccess
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