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Author(s): Correia-Costa, L
Morato, M
Sousa, T
Cosme, D
Guimaraes, JT
Guerra, A
Schaefer, F
Caldas-Afonso, A
Azevedo, A
Albino-Teixeira, A
Title: Urinary fibrogenic cytokines ET-1 and TGF-beta 1 are associated with urinary angiotensinogen levels in obese children
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: BACKGROUND:Fibrogenic cytokines are recognized as putative drivers of disease activity and histopathological deterioration in various kidney diseases. We compared urinary transforming growth factor β1 (U-TGF-β1) and endothelin 1 (U-ET-1) levels across body mass index classes and assessed their association with the level of urinary angiotensinogen (U-AGT), a biomarker of intrarenal renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS). METHODS:The was a cross-sectional evaluation of 302 children aged 8-9 years. Ambulatory blood pressure (BP), insulin resistance (HOMA-IR), aldosterone level and renal function were evaluated. U-ET-1, U-TGF-β1 and U-AGT levels were determined by immunoenzymatic methods. RESULTS:Obese children presented with the lowest levels of U-ET-1 and U-TGF-β1, but the difference was only significant for U-ET-1. In obese children, the median levels of both U-ET-1 and U-TGF-β1 tended to increase across tertiles (T1-T3) of U-AGT (U-ET-1: T1, 19.9 (14.2-26.3); T2, 32.5 (23.3-141.6); T3, 24.8 (18.7-51.5) ng/g creatinine, p = 0.007; U-TGF-β1: T1, 2.2 (1.8-4.0); T2, 4.3 (2.7-11.7); T3, 4.9 (3.8-10.1) ng/g creatinine, p = 0.004]. In multivariate models, in the obese group, U-ET-1 was associated with HOMA-IR and aldosterone and U-AGT levels, and U-TGF-β1 was associated with U-AGT levels and 24 h-systolic BP. CONCLUSIONS:Whereas the initial hypothesis of higher levels of urinary fibrogenic cytokines in obese children was not confirmed in our study, both TGF-β1 and U-ET-1 levels were associated with U-AGT level, which likely reflects an early interplay between tissue remodeling and RAAS in obesity-related kidney injury.
Subject: Urinary fibrogenic cytokines
Urinary angiotensinogen levels
Source: Pediatr Nephrol, vol. 31(3), p. 455-464
Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Internacional
Rights: openAccess
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