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Author(s): Beites, T
Mendes, MV
Title: Chassis optimization as a cornerstone for the application of synthetic biology based strategies in microbial secondary metabolism.
Publisher: Frontiers Research Foundation
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The increased number of bacterial genome sequencing projects has generated over the last years a large reservoir of genomic information. In silico analysis of this genomic data has renewed the interest in bacterial bioprospecting for bioactive compounds by unveiling novel biosynthetic gene clusters of unknown or uncharacterized metabolites. However, only a small fraction of those metabolites is produced under laboratory-controlled conditions; the remaining clusters represent a pool of novel metabolites that are waiting to be "awaken". Activation of the biosynthetic gene clusters that present reduced or no expression (known as cryptic or silent clusters) by heterologous expression has emerged as a strategy for the identification and production of novel bioactive molecules. Synthetic biology, with engineering principles at its core, provides an excellent framework for the development of efficient heterologous systems for the expression of biosynthetic gene clusters. However, a common problem in its application is the host-interference problem, i.e., the unpredictable interactions between the device and the host that can hamper the desired output. Although an effort has been made to develop orthogonal devices, the most proficient way to overcome the host-interference problem is through genome simplification. In this review we present an overview on the strategies and tools used in the development of hosts/chassis for the heterologous expression of specialized metabolites biosynthetic gene clusters. Finally, we introduce the concept of specialized host as the next step of development of expression hosts.
Subject: Streptomyces
genome reduction
genome streamlining
heterologous expression
specialized metabolites
Source: Frontiers in microbiology, vol. 6:906
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Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Internacional
Rights: openAccess
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