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Author(s): Monjardino, T
Rodrigues, T
Inskip, H
Harvey, N
Cooper, C
Santos, AC
Lucas, R
Title: Weight Trajectories from Birth and Bone Mineralization at 7 Years of Age
Publisher: Elsevier
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Objective: To assess whether different trajectories of weight gain since birth influence bone mineral content (BMC) and areal bone mineral density (aBMD) at 7 years of age. Study design: We studied a subsample of 1889 children from the Generation XXI birth cohort who underwent whole-body dual-energy radiograph absorptiometry. Weight trajectories identified through normal mixture modeling for model-based clustering and labeled “normal weight gain,” “weight gain during infancy,” “weight gain during childhood,” and “persistent weight gain” were used. Differences in subtotal BMC, aBMD, and size-corrected BMC (scBMC) at age 7 years according to weight trajectories were estimated through analysis of covariance. Results: Compared with the “normal weight gain” trajectory, children in the remaining trajectories had significantly greater BMC, aBMD, and scBMC at age 7 years, with the strongest associations for “persistent weight gain” (girls [BMC: 674.0 vs 559.8 g, aBMD: 0.677 vs 0.588 g/cm2, scBMC: 640.7 vs 577.4 g], boys [BMC: 689.4 vs 580.8 g, aBMD: 0.682 vs 0.611 g/cm2, scBMC: 633.0 vs 595.6 g]). After adjustment for current weight, and alternatively for fat and lean mass, children with a “weight gain during childhood” trajectory had greater BMC and aBMD than those with a “normal weight gain” trajectory, although significant differences were restricted to girls (BMC: 601.4 vs 589.2 g, aBMD: 0.618 vs 0.609 g/cm2). Conclusion: Overall, children following a trajectory of persistent weight gain since birth had clearly increased bone mass at 7 years, but weight gain seemed slightly more beneficial when it occurred later rather than on a normal trajectory during the first 7 years of life.
Subject: Bone density - Generation XXI
Series: J Pediatr, vol. 191, p. 117-124.e2
Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Internacional
Rights: openAccess
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