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Author(s): Olivier da Silva Alves
Title: Analysis, specification and prototyping of a new approach to graphical user interfaces for CERN's accelerator controls
Issue Date: 2017-07-17
Abstract: The current graphical user interfaces for CERN accelerator controls software are aging, there is a need and a will to change. To transit to a new solution, a study has to be completed and tools have to be designed to allow a smooth transition start by Summer 2017.Maintaining an infrastructure as complex and advanced as the different accelerators at the Euro-pean Organization for Nuclear Research, is an incredibly challenging task. The purpose of severalsoftware created by the Controls Groupis to monitor the different accelerators present at CERN,and make sure everything runs as intended. As of today this task is handled by the one of theCERN department, the Beams Department. This entity is fragmented into groups and each ofthem has a specific purpose.The group in display in this paper is the Controls Group:The Controls Groupis responsible for the specification, design, procurement, integra-tion, installation, commissioning and operation of the controls infrastructure for allCERN Accelerators, their transfer lines and the Experimental Areas.The Controls Groupis currently running more than 800 applications, out of those more than600 are using a graphical user interface, made in Swing. The point is that Swing cannot be investedin anymore, it is aging, less and less people are interested in it and due to the actual CERNemployment policy, it has become harder and harder to find a suitable candidate to develop in thistechnology.The future way for GUIs in the Controls Groupis not straight forward. Now a days there ismany technologies that offers a powerful way to create applications, one can think of Web and allthe frameworks that exists for it.In this paper one will go through many stages, from choosing a technology to go forward, allthe way to an actual implemented solution.The task ahead is relatively simple. One need to choose a direction, develop a structure andtools around it so that the transition for a developer coming from swing happens to be as smoothas possible.By the end of this paper one will understand what has been chosen and why. One will have afull overview of the implemented solutions, and finally, one will understand more about the currentdevelopment infrastructure of the Controls Group, its community and its specific requirements.
Subject: Outras ciências da engenharia e tecnologias
Other engineering and technologies
TID identifier : 201905426
Document Type: Dissertação
Rights: openAccess
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