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Author(s): Silva, M
Alshamali, F
Silva, P
Carrilho, C
Mandlate, F
Trovoada, MJ
Cerny, V
Pereira, L
Soares, P
Title: 60,000 years of interactions between Central and Eastern Africa documented by major African mitochondrial haplogroup L2
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroup L2 originated in Western Africa but is nowadays spread across the entire continent. L2 movements were previously postulated to be related to the Bantu expansion, but L2 expansions eastwards probably occurred much earlier. By reconstructing the phylogeny of L2 (44 new complete sequences) we provide insights on the complex net of within-African migrations in the last 60 thousand years (ka). Results show that lineages in Southern Africa cluster with Western/Central African lineages at a recent time scale, whereas, eastern lineages seem to be substantially more ancient. Three moments of expansion from a Central African source are associated to L2: (1) one migration at 70-50 ka into Eastern or Southern Africa, (2) postglacial movements (15-10 ka) into Eastern Africa; and (3) the southward Bantu Expansion in the last 5 ka. The complementary population and L0a phylogeography analyses indicate no strong evidence of mtDNA gene flow between eastern and southern populations during the later movement, suggesting low admixture between Eastern African populations and the Bantu migrants. This implies that, at least in the early stages, the Bantu expansion was mainly a demic diffusion with little incorporation of local populations.
Subject: Africa Central
Africa Eastern
African Continental Ancestry Group/genetics
African Continental Ancestry Group/history
Base Sequence
DNA Mitochondrial/genetics
DNA Mitochondrial/history
Emigration and Immigration/history
Evolution, Molecular
15th Century
16th Century
History 17th Century
History 18th Century
History 19th Century
History 20th Century
History 21st Century
History Medieval
Molecular Sequence Data
Polymorphism Single Nucleotide/genetics
Source: Scientific Reports, vol. 5:12526
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Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Internacional
Rights: openAccess
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