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Author(s): Frank Eisenhauer
Guy Perrin
Wolfgang Brandner
Christian Straubmeier
Karine Perraut
António Amorim
Markus Schöller
Stefan Gillessen
Pierre Kervella
Myriam Benisty
Constanza Araujo-Hauck
Laurent Jocou
Jorge Lima
Gerd Jakob
Marcus Haug
Yann Clénet
Thomas Henning
Andreas Eckart
Jean-Philippe Berger
P. J. V. Garcia
Jaime Villate
Title: GRAVITY: observing the universe in motion
Issue Date: 2011-03
Abstract: GRAVITY is the second generation VeryLarge Telescope Interferometer instrument for precision narrow-angle as -trometry and interferometric imaging.With its fibre-fed integrated optics,wavefront sensors, fringe tracker, beamstabilisation and a novel metrologyconcept, GRAVITY will push the sensitivity and accuracy of astrometry andinterferometric imaging far beyond whatis offered today. Providing precisionastrometry of order 10 microarcseconds,and imaging with 4-milliarcsecondresolution, GRAVITY will revolutionisedynamical measurements of celestialobjects: it will probe physics close tothe event horizon of the Galactic Centreblack hole; unambiguously detect andmeasure the masses of black holesin massive star clusters throughout theMilky Way; uncover the details of massaccretion and jets in young stellarobjects and active galactic nuclei; andprobe the motion of binary stars, exoplanets and young stellar discs. Theinstrument capabilities of GRAVITY areoutlined and the science opportunitiesthat will open up are summarised.
Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Internacional
Rights: openAccess
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