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Author(s): Tânia Ferreira
João Monney Paiva
Carlos Pinho
Title: Performance Assessment of Invasive Acacia dealbata as a Fuel for a Domestic Pellet Boiler
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: The use of alternative energy sources becomes ever more important due to the necessity to minimize theenergy consumption of fossil fuels and fight climate changes. This study evaluates the combustion andemissions characteristics of a commercial wood pellet boiler with a nominal thermal output of 20 kW usingpurposed-manufactured Acacia dealbata pellets. Previously, the boiler was tested burning commercial Pinepellets that were used to benchmark the Acacia pellets. The thermal efficiency and emissions of the invasivespecies pellets were compared at three different predefined operation loads. The efficiency of the boiler wasdetermined using the direct method. The obtained results show that, for the same fuel mass flow rate, thebest boiler efficiency was always achieved with Pine pellets. Nonetheless, invasive species pellets deservesome credit if the boiler combustion conditions are adopted to that specific type of fuel. Concerningemissions, CO and NOx resulting of burning Acacia pellets were significantly higher than burning Pine pellets.Overall, the type of pellets had a significant effect on the boiler performance, mainly on emissions.
Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Internacional
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