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Author(s): Isaac Fernández
J. I. Bravo
A. Mosquera-Corral
A. Pereira
J. L. Campos
R. Méndez
L. F. Melo
Title: Influence of the shear stress and salinity on Anammox biofilms formation: modelling results
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Anammox biomass has a long duplication time andlow yield, thus the process must be operated in reactors withgood sludge retention, such as biofilm systems. Therefore, itwould be important to research the ability of Anammox biomass to form biofilms under different conditions. The effects ofshear stress and salinity (NaCl and CaCl2) on Anammox biofilm formation were studied. Anammox bacteria showed goodattachment capacity, with an initial adhesion phase lasting for5-7 days at the different flow rates tested (Reynolds numbers54, 63, 188 and 400). A four-parameter model was developedand the experimental data fitted well into the model. The presence of 5 g/L of each of the two salts favoured the formation ofAnammox biofilm. The effects of CaCl2 were stronger thanthose caused by NaCl. 15 g/L of NaCl was detrimental for thebiofilm, probably due to an inhibitory effect.
Document Type: Artigo em Revista Científica Internacional
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