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dc.creatorPetrick A. Soares
dc.creatorTânia F. C. V. Silva
dc.creatorDiego R. Manenti
dc.creatorSelene M. A. G. U. Souza
dc.creatorRui A. R. Boaventura
dc.creatorVítor J. P. Vilar
dc.description.abstractDifferent advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) were applied to the treatment of a real cotton-textile dyeing wastewater as a pre-oxidation step to enhance the biodegradability of the recalcitrant compounds, which can be further oxidized using a biological process. Tests were conducted on a lab-scale prototype using artificial solar radiation and at pilot scale with compound parabolic collectors using natural solar radiation. The cotton-textile dyeing wastewater presents a lilac color, with a maximum absorbance peak at 641 nm, alkaline pH (pH = 8.2), moderate organic content (DOC = 152 mg C L-1, COD = 684 mg O-2 L-1) and low-moderate biodegradability (40 % after 28 days in Zahn-Wellens test). All the tested processes contributed to an effective decolorization and mineralization, but the most efficient process was the solar-photo-Fenton with an optimum catalyst concentration of 60 mg Fe2+ L-1, leading to 98.5 % decolorization and 85.5 % mineralization after less than 0.1 and 5.8 kJ(UV) L-1, respectively. In order to achieve a final wastewater with a COD below 250 mg O-2 L-1 (discharge limit into water bodies imposed by the Portuguese Legislation-Portaria no. 423/97 of 25 June 1997), considering the combination of a solar-photo-Fenton reaction with a biological process, the phototreatment energy required is 0.5 kJ(UV) L-1, consuming 7.5 mM hydrogen peroxide, resulting in 58.4 % of mineralization (t(30W) = 3.2 min; (T) over bar = 30.7 degrees C;(pH) over bar = 2.80; (UV) over bar (G,n) = 13 W m(-2)).
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia/Programa de Financiamento Plurianual de Unidades de I&D/PEst-C/EQB/LA0020/2011/Projeto Estratégico-LA 20 - 2011-2012/LA 20
dc.subjectTecnologia ambiental, Engenharia do ambiente
dc.subjectEnvironmental technology, Environmental engineering
dc.titleInsights into real cotton-textile dyeing wastewater treatment using solar advanced oxidation processes
dc.typeArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
dc.contributor.uportoFaculdade de Engenharia
dc.subject.fosCiências da engenharia e tecnologias::Engenharia do ambiente
dc.subject.fosEngineering and technology::Environmental engineering
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