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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2015-12-07Analysis of the mechanistic link between micro-climate and macro-biogeographic patterns of intertidal rocky shore organismsRui Seabra Alves MartinhoTese
2015-07-24Diversification patterns of Micromeria Benth. (Lamiaceae) in the Canary Islands: Genetic and morphological implications of inter-island colonization.Pamela Puppo Balarezo de FaureTese
2015-12-14Emergent toxins in North Atlantic temperate waters and New VectorsMarisa Pinto da SilvaTese
2015-12-16Tracing Sephardic Jewry Through Genetics: Crypto-Jews and the Second DiasporaMaria Inês Pires NogueiroTese
2015-12-14Diversity, infection patterns and host-parasite associations of apicomplexan parasites in reptilesJoão Pedro Moura da Costa MaiaTese
2015-04-30Identification and functional analysis of AGP genes related to pollen tube guidance into the embryo sac in Arabidopsis thalianaAna Marta Brandão de Almeida Cardoso PereiraTese
2015-12-17Accessing Planktothrix species diversity and associated toxins using quantitative real-time PCR in natural watersCatarina Isabel Prata Pereira Leitão ChurroTese
2015-02-05Sistemática e biogeografia do género Rhagonycha Eschscholtz,1830 (Coleoptera, Cantharidae) como suporte à bioindicação de alterações ambientais na Península IbéricaJosé Manuel Grosso Ferreira da SilvaTese
2015-09-18A theoretical approach to a practical challenge- community ecology of dune vegetation and its relation with coastal dynamicsJosé António Medeiros MacedoTese
2015-10-08Characterization of cyanobacterial strains isolated from the Portuguese coast: diversity and potential to produce bioactive compoundsÂngela Marisa Oliveira BritoTese