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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2019-12-17Evolutionary genetics of balanced colour polymorphisms in wall lizardsPedro Alexandre de Magalhães e AndradeTese
2019-12-19Systematics and Biogeography of selected reptiles from North AfricaLuís Carlos Rodrigues MachadoTese
2019-12-10Eco-evolutionary implications underlying the emergence of a derived reproductive mode in fire salamandersAndré Filipe Plácido LourençoTese
2020-01-31Genetic Basis of Simple and Complex Traits with Relevance to Avian EvolutionMalgorzata Anna GazdaTese
2020-03-13Ecological impacts of changing riverine habitats on terrestrial species: A case study with bats in a semi-arid regionFrancisco Nicolau Loureiro de AmorimTese
2020-03-17Cyanobacterial bioactive metabolites for anticancer drug discovery: Characterization of new compounds and molecular mechanisms in physiologically relevant 3D cell cultureMaria Lígia da Silva SousaTese
2020-02-21Divergent selection and reproductive isolation: an empirical study on reed buntingsLuís de Oliveira Rijo GordinhoTese
2020-02-21Combining phylogeny, systematics and ecology to advance the conservation of freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionida)Manuel Peixoto de Magalhães Lopes LimaTese
2020-02-13Advancing metabarcoding techniques for the study of trophic interactions and ecosystem services in small vertebratresVanessa Cristina Alves MataTese
2019-01-03Contribution of biochemical tools for the assessment of the ecological quality of fluvial ecosystemsCarolina Machado Malheiro RodriguesTese