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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018-05-29Development of new tools for the identification of plants using chloroplast DNA sequencesChiara Gabriele SantosTese
2016-01-14Genetic diversity, conservation and evolutionary history of the African wild ass (Equus africanus): a non-invasive molecular approachSonia Patricia de Melo Carvalho Pires RosenbomTese
2018-04-16Diversity and biogeography of the genus Batillipes Richters 1909 (Tardigrada, Arthrotardigrada) in the Atlantic Basin with remarks on the endemic and cosmopolitan status of some speciesÉrika Cavalcante Leite dos SantosTese
2017-04-27Biogeografia dos sapos-parteiros (Alytes spp.): análise multilocus das relações filogenéticas e da diversificação intraespecíficaBruno Maia CarvalhoTese
2016-12-12Historical Demography and Differentiation of the Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)Pedro Manuel Soares da SilvaTese
2016-06-02Effect on lipid metabolism of vegetable lipid interaction with carbohydrate; a comparative study with two important marine aquaculture species, Gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata) and European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)Carolina Oliveira CastroTese
2018-07-06Developmental regulation and functions of the TGFβ signaling pathway in Drosophila melanogasterNádia Cristina Leal EusébioTese
2016-06-08Myxozoa parasites from annelids and aquaculture fishesLuís Filipe da Cunha Melo Silva RangelTese
2017-05-04The role of inter-island gene-flow during colonization and speciation processes on archipelagos: analysis of the Micromeria Benth. (Lamiaceae) on the Canary IslandsManuel António Cardoso CurtoTese
2010-12-17Studying the evolutionary history of single markers and the demographic history of African populations: The evolution of lactase persistence; Genetic structure of Bantu-speaking populations, and the microevolutionary impact of the Atlantic slave tradeMargarida Cardoso Reis Sá CoelhoTese