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Author(s): Maria de Fátima Chouzal
Maria Teresa Restivo
Manuel Rodrigues Quintas
Carlos Moreira da Silva
Tiago Andrade
Maria Teresa Amaral
Title: Adipsmeter: a new skinfold calliper system
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Nowadays, the assessment of body composition is of great meaning but traditional skinfold callipers recognized in the nutritional area have not been technologically updated to provide a more effective performance with greater accuracy, allowing automatic data processing and recording in a database, offering a more user friendly handling not requiring technicians with a high degree of expertise. In order to overcome many of these deficiencies a new instrument named Adipsmeter was designed and developed. A new mechanical skinfold calliper structure has been digitally instrumented for reading skinfold thickness and equipped with wireless communication capabilities with a personal computer where a software application, integrating a database, is installed and prepared for driving a technician along a specific protocol incorporating many regression equations used in current body fat measurement at an affordable price. Its measurement range is from 0 to 110 mm, consistent with a range of use from children to obese individuals. Between the two opposing clamping surfaces mounted on its rigid arms the pressure has a constant value of 10 gf/mm 2 in the whole measurement range. It has small dimension and weight and while being robust provides comfortable handling. The sensing system resolution is less than 0.1 mm, the wireless communication (MiWi) is suitable for healthcare environments, with 25 h of autonomy. The software application, with an intuitive and user friendly interface, is based in Visual Basic 2008.
Subject: Engenharia
Source: BIODEVICES 2011 - Proceedings of the International Conference on Biomedical Electronics and Devices
Document Type: Artigo em Livro de Atas de Conferência Internacional
Rights: openAccess
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