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Autor(es): Andrade, Miguel Jorge Raposo Nunes de
Título: A multi-criteria approach for the design and evaluation of demand responsive transport (DRT) services
Data de publicação: 2008
Resumo: Demand responsive transport services are nowadays an established and recognized way to provide better social inclusion to non-urban, low population density areas. The concept has its origins in the 70´s in the USA, but just recently the advances in technology made this type of service more economically attractive. Therefore is of no surprise that this kind of transportation is starting to be a serious option in several regions across Europe. The European Commission has been promoting projects to study and implement DRT services. One of these projects, MASCARA (deMand responsive trAnsport service for increasing Social Cohesion in urbAn/Rural Areas), involved a team from the Engineering School of the University of Porto, with the participation of the author. The MASCARA project was designed to promote the cooperation between several regions in Europe to share knowledge about DRT services, evaluating DRT pilots and DRT feasibility studies. This dissertation focus on the design of a framework to help this evaluation. The work resulted in combining two known multi-criteria methodologies, namely AHP and TOPSIS. Albeit these methods were designed to help choosing (ranking) between two or more possible scenarios, the proposed framework is able to evaluate and score one scenario situations. This work can be viewed as having two parts: the first one (from chapter 1 to chapter 4) deals with the design of the framework and methodology. From chapter 5 onwards the practical application is adressed. The author work was focused on the design and software implementation of the evaluation framework.
Assunto: Métodos Quantitativos Aplicados à Gestão
Demand Responsive Transport Services
Social Cohesion Projects
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