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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2015-07-17Políticas Públicas de Esporte e Lazer no Estado do Acre - Brasil.José Reinaldo Cajado de AzevedoTese
2015-07-07Shaping Tactical Behaviours in Football: An Ecological Dynamics Approach.Pedro Miguel Moreira Oliveira e SilvaTese
2015-10-15Physiological and biomechanical characterization from low to severe swimming intensities. A study performed using a front crawl intermittent incremental protocol.Kelly de Jesus Allen GraçaTese
2015-09-28Competências de liderança dos Presidentes das Federações Olímpicas Brasileiras.Daiane Miranda de FreitasTese
2015-04-20Nutritional Supplements & Food in Sport: Compared effect ingesting a commercial or homemade recovery beverage with similar nutritional content after exhaustive eccentric exercise on muscle damage, functional recovery, soreness markers, inflammation, oxidative stress, and metabolic parameters.Mónica Vera Cruz de SousaTese
2015-11-27Long-term Implementation of Sport Education and Step-Game Approach: The Development of Students' Volleyball Competence and Student-Coaches' Instructional Skills.Rui Manuel Flores AraújoTese
2015-06-29O modelo de educação desportiva no ensino do Atletismo: Estudo aplicado no segundo ciclo do ensino básicoJosé Augusto Rodrigues PereiraTese
2015-04-14Healthy eating and physical activity intervention in preschool children to prevent obesity: A randomized controlled trial.Teresa Sofia de Jesus SanchoTese
2015-04-22What Brings people into the stadium? A Social science perspective of soccer fans´ motives for attendance.Mariana Seabra Moreira Ferreira de CarvalhoTese
2015-03-20Active living and built environment: Active transport to school in Portuguese adolescents.Andreia Isabel Nogueira PizarroTese