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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020-05-22New insights into HIV-1 restriction - functional studies on 90K orthologues and endogenous SERINC5Vânia Patrícia Mendes Passos KohnTese
2020-05-06Mechanisms regulating myonuclear positioning and its impact on muscle functionMafalda Maria Coelho AzevedoTese
2020-01-14Bioactive secondary metabolites from marine derived fungi collected from thai watersDecha KumlaTese
2020-07-07Exploring the role of pro-inflammatory signaling in myelin repairMaria Inês Fazendeiro CunhaTese
2020-07-16Synergic eff ect of microRNAs and metalloproteinases derived from extracellular vesicles in the establishment of the metastatic niche in renal cell carcinomaFrancisca Guilherme Carvalho DiasTese
2020-01-28Understanding host-pathogen interactions in tuberculosis: lessons from Mycobacterium africanumBaltazar CáTese
2020-07-10Target-to-treat nanotherapy for rheumatoid arthritisVirgínia Adorinda Moura GouveiaTese
2020-07-21Osteoarticular repair in in­ammatory conditions: the impact of rheumatoid arthritis on the acute response to bone injuryJosé Henrique Carvalho TeixeiraTese
2020-07-17Deconstructing gastric cancer colonization: the interplay between immune cells, gastric cancer cells and extracellular vesiclesSara Jorge Moreira da RochaTese
2020-07-21Population structure, movement patterns and habitat connectivity of the blue jack mackerel, Trachurus picturatus, in the NE Atlantic: otolith morpho-chemistry, body shape and genetic markers as combined tools for a rational management of fisheries resourcesCláudia Filipa Devesa André MoreiraTese